Are Password Generators Safe? Here Are the 5 We Picked for the Strongest Passwords

Do you need to generate a strong password?

Having a strong password is important to maintain security in your business and personal transactions. Unfortunately, coming up with one isn’t that easy — more so when you need to remember dozens of them.

In this article, let’s talk about whether or not password generators are safe, if you really need one, and which password generator and manager to use.

Let’s get started.

Why use a password generator and manager?

A strong password protects you against password attacks like dictionary attacks, credential stuffing attacks, and brute force attacks.

Since a strong password is composed of a mix of various characters, it may be confusing to generate your own and remember many of them at once.

That’s where a password generator and manager comes in — it will help you generate a strong password and remember all the passwords you saved and generated.

Then, the only password you need to remember is the “master password” that you use to access the password manager.

Are password generators and managers even safe?

Generally speaking, password managers are safe. They use strong encryption like AES 256-bit, which is the industry-standard protection of the US government.

On the back end, even if the manager has all your passwords, there’s no way for them to decipher those passwords as the manager encrypts the password.

Other security features that password managers have include:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Biometric authentication
  • Dark web scan
  • Regular change password notifications

Naturally, password generators and managers still aren’t 100% safe. In addition, a lot of factors also come into play like user behavior, device security, and more.

On the other hand, using a password generator and manager is likely safer than storing your own passwords manually — digitally or on paper.

What are the best and strongest password generators and managers?

Here are our top picks when it comes to password generators and managers:

Password ManagerPlansStarting Price (Paid)Free Option
LastPassPremium, Families, Teams, Business$3 per monthYes
NordPassPremium, Family$2.49 per monthYes
1PasswordPersonal, Families, Teams, Business, Enterprise$2.99No
BitwardenPremium, Families Org, Teams Org, Enterprise Org$10 per yearYes
KeeperPersonal, Family, Business, Student, Military and Medical, Enterprise$2.91 per monthNo

1. LastPass: Best Overall Password Generator and Manager

LastPass is simply one of the most popular password generators and managers out there. It has a rich set of features that will get you almost everything for free.

Launched in 2008, it was created to help its developers on their own password-related challenges. It was bought in 2015 by another company and grew to millions of users.

Below is a summary of its plans and features:

Free$01 user only1 device type onlyUnlimited passwordsAuto-device syncSecure password vaultSave and autofill passwordsPassword generatorOne-to-one sharingSecure notesMultifactor authentication (MFA)LassPass authenticatorSelf-service resources
Premium$3 per monthAll features from the free plan1 user onlyUnlimited device typesOne-to-many sharing1GB file storageSecurity dashboard and scoreDark web monitoringEmergency accessAdvanced MFA optionsPersonal support
Families$4 per monthAll features from the premium plan6 usersUnlimited shared foldersFamily manager dashboard

*Note that LastPass has a separate tier for teams and businesses that start at $4 per user per month.

2. NordPass: Best All-Purpose Password Generator and Manager

From the name itself, you can derive that NordPass and NordVPN came from the same branch — rightly so as they’re created by the same team.

They brand themselves as an “innovative password management solution” designed to work on any device in a simple and safe manner.

Below is a summary of its plans and features:

Free$01 user onlyUnlimited passwordsAutosave and autofillImport and export passwordsKeep notes and credit cardsFill forms with personal informationGenerate unique passwordsAutomatic sync across devicesPassword protection with multifactor authentication
Premium and Family$2.49 per month for the premium plan$4.99 per month for the family planAll features from the free plan1 user only for the premium plan6 users for the family planStay logged in when switching devicesShare items with people you trustGive access to passwords in case of emergencyBuild trusted contactsIdentify weak, old, and reused passwordsScan the web of data leaks

3. 1Password: Best Password Generator and Manager for Mac and iOS Users

Developed in 2005, 1Password started out as a password manager solely for Mac devices. But now, you can use it for pretty much any device and major browser.

This one is also known as one of the best out there for families due to its deep level of protection. On the downside, it has no free version.

Below is a summary of its plans and features:

Personal$2.99App for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and web browserCreate, autosave, and autofill passwords and sensitive informationUnlimited passwords and items1GB document storageShare passwords, credit cards, secure notes, and moreTwo-factor authenticationRestore recently deleted or previous versions of passwords and items24/7 email support
Families$4.99 per month for the family plan (additional $1 each for extra members)All features from the free planShare with 5 family membersManage what family members can see and doRecover accounts for locked out family membersInvite up to 6 guests for limited sharing

*Note that 1Password has a separate tier for teams, businesses, and enterprise needs that start at $19.95 for up to 10 members.

4. Bitwarden: Best Open Source Password Generator and Manager

Bitwarden is an open-source password manager that started out as a password manager for iOS and Android users in 2015.

Its free plan is even better than what LastPass offers. Furthermore, as an open-source, people can inspect and fix its code and use third parties to audit its platform’s security.

Below is a summary of its plans and features:

Free$01 user onlyBitwarden core featuresText only send feature for direct encrypted sharingEmail and authentication loginSelf-host options
Premium$10 per yearAll features from the free plan1 user onlyYubiKey, FIDO2, Duo two-step login (on top of email and authentication options)1GB personal encrypted file attachmentsBitwarden Authenticator (TOTP)Vaulth health reportsEmergency reportsPriority support
Free OrgFree2 maximum usersBitwarden core featuresSharing through collections (maximum of 2 collections)Text only send feature for direct encrypted sharingEmail and authentication login
Families Org$3.33 per month for up to 6 usersAll features from the free org plan6 maximum usersSharing through collections (unlimited)Text and files send feature for direct encrypted sharingYubiKey, FIDO2, Duo two-step login (on top of email and authentication options)1GB personal and 1GB for organizational itemsBitwarden Authenticator (TOTP)Vaulth health reportsEmergency reportsPriority supportSelf-host options

*Note that Bitwarden has a separate tier for businesses that start at $3 per month per user.

5. Keeper: Best Enterprise-Level Password Generator and Manager

Two developers created the first version of Keeper in 2008 who got frustrated with the lack of password managers for mobile devices during that time.

Keeper has one of the most diverse plans out there with its advanced security levels and additional add-ons for more customizations.

Below is a summary of its plans and features:

Personal$2.91 per month ($4.87 per month if including add-ons)Unlimited password storageUnlimited identity and paymentsFingerprint and face ID loginUnlimited devices and syncSecure record sharingEmergency accessWeb application24/7 support
Family$6.24 per monthAll features from the personal plan5 private vaults10GB secure file storage

*Note that Keeper has a separate tier for students, businesses, military and medical, and enterprises.

Choosing the best password generator and manager

Having a great password generator and manager is important for your protection against fraud and password attacks.

When considering an option, make sure to check:

  • Whether or not the plan supports the device or devices you plan on using it
  • Whether or not you’re fine with the free plan
  • Whether or not you need emergency access on your account

Make sure to check the key features of the password generator and manager that you prefer and read customer reviews online.